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We offer three lines of single and multi-family homes by Ray Kappe, FAIA, the founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, KieranTimberlake, the AIA 2008 Firm of the Year, and designers at LivingHomes. They are available in standard or customized configurations to individuals, builders and developers.



The first low-cost LivingHomes. Comfy, conscious, complete.

958 - 1,288 sq. ft.

2-3bd, 1-2ba

28-42'w x 38-62'd

Modules: $168,000 starting price

Complete: $264,000*

CK4.2_front rendering


Designed for narrow lots, this 1,700-2,090 sq. ft. home features a large master suite, floor to ceiling glass, a large two car integrated garage and 264 sq. ft. of deck.

1,700-2,090 sq. ft.

3bd, 2.5ba

24-28'w x 52-62'd x 23'h

Modules: $296,000 starting price

Complete: $503,000*

CK5 Custom


Tuck this L-shaped three bedroom home into either a dense urban setting or open country lot and you create your own private oasis.

1,380-2,008 sq. ft.

24-40'w x 64-72'd

Modules: $242,000 starting price

Complete: $369,000*

CK7.2 Toronto


2,205-2,230 sq. ft. 

3+bd, 2.5ba

28-37'w x 43-48'd

Modules: $390,000 starting price

Complete: $595,000*

RK1.4 model home


The first LivingHome, designed by Ray Kappe, FAIA, and also our model home, which you can see every Friday from 1-2pm in Santa Monica. Click here to get free tickets to our weekly open house!

2,560 - 3,100 sq. ft.

40'w x 44'-60'd

Modules: $665,000 starting price

Complete: $1,047,000*



Perfect for large lots with expansive views, the three bedroom home has a substantial living space separated from private bedrooms by a unique interior garden. 

2,275 - 2,900 sq. ft.

3+bd, 2.5+ba

31'w x 108'd, 1 & 2 story options

Modules: $591,000 starting price

Complete: $885,000*


The KT1 boasts decks on both floors and expansive living spaces within a tight envelope. Perfect for narrow, deep lots.

1,622 - 2,290 sq. ft.

2-4bd, 2+ba

22'w x 40-48'd

Modules: $284,000 starting price

Complete: $475,000*