Features / Benefits

The LivingHome C6 series was inspired by a tradition of courtyard homes that began with the Romans and that defined the mid-century modern developments of Joe Eichler. It supports an outdoor/indoor lifestyle that extends the utility of the LivingHome beyond its interior space.

The CK series builds on the C6s with one and two story designs and floorplans that are optimized for urban locations and tight lots.

Here's what makes these LivingHomes Comfy, Conscious, Complete.


    • Warm. Cork floors, natural wood millwork and optional wood ceiling and siding make the LivingHomes warm and comfy!
    • Indoor/outdoor living. Multiple sliding glass doors make it easy to bring the indoor out and out, in.
    • Light filled spaces. Floor-to-ceiling glass, clerestory windows, solar tubes, and transom windows bring light into all parts of the home, including the closets.
    • Smart heating/AC that reduces your power bill and that keeps you comfy! Super insulation, ceiling fans, and appropriate shading reduces heating/cooling needs. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns how you live and keeps the LivingHome at the temperature you prefer.
    • Open plan. The kitchen, dining, and living space are all connected, making it easy for all in the family to share – or do their own thing.
    • Lots of storage. The LivingHome contain ample storage, particularly in the kitchen.
    • Soft-close drawers. The cabinet drawers almost close themselves.


    • Comprehensive environmental program. The CK/C6 Series features the most comprehensive environmental program we've done to date. It's the first LivingHome to achieve most of our Z6 Environmental Goals; it's Energy Star® certified and designed for LEED Platinum certification; and it includes Cradle-to-Cradle® inspired materials. The benefit of all this: the LivingHome is much healthier for you (minimum indoor air pollution) and uses far less energy, water and material resources than typical homes (minimum ecological footprint). Good for you and your karma.
    • Real time feedback on your energy use. An environmental monitoring system provides real-time feedback on energy use, so you can make informed choices about how and when you use power.


    • Starting at $168,000*. This price includes: The LivingHome (finishes, fixtures, appliances); an extended warranty (see below); and carbon offset. Not included: transportation, installation, foundation, permit costs, site prep, photovoltaics, HVAC, specialty agency review. Click here to see more on what's included. * Local costs may vary and options extra.
    • Comprehensive, extended double warranty system. Our manufacturer offers a standard home warranty: 1 year on everything; 2 years on mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. In addition, we include an extra warranty from 2/10, the largest and oldest of the home warranty coverage providers, which offers backup for the manufacturer warranty, and includes a 10 year warranty on all structural work.