About us


We build homes created by world-class architects, which feature warm, modern design, functional amenities, and great price value.

Our homes include natural, non-toxic and sustainably-derived materials; and they're made in specially equipped factories that ensure unsurpassed quality, lower construction cost and waste, and shorten schedules.

We currently offer three lines of single and multi-family homes by Ray Kappe, KieranTimberlake, the AIA 2008 Firm of the Year, and designers at LivingHomes.

We recently introduced our C6 and CK series, which are both our most affordable LivingHomes — and they feature our most comprehensive environmental program!

We invite you to learn more about our Values, Architects, Homes, Livinghomes C6/CK, Purchase Process or us at www.livinghomes.net.

And we would love to hear from you — to schedule a tour, give us your feedback, etc.

Thank you for your interest.